China -Pakistan Economic Corridor: Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan

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Dr. Kalsoom Hanif, Sadia Ashraf, Dr. Saima Butt


This article titles “China- Pakistan Economic Corridor: Challenges and opportunities for Pakistan” discuss game changer project of China which has potential benefit and sustainable development for individuals in Pakistan. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor isn’t yesterday’s idea. The vision of building the financial corridor extending from Chinese border to remote ocean of Gwadar goes back to 1959 when Karakoram highway was developed. The Silk Road activity proposed an external corridor in 21st century. Under CPEC, $75 billion speculation projects have been arranged between Pak and China. There is lot of opportunities for Pakistan in CPEC but challenges are also there to complete these projects.  Economic Relation taking note of that the most recent five years speaks to advance both in quantitative and subjective terms; it is seen that Pak-China relations are going through a period of enhanced economic relations. Economic and exchange ties don't mirror the dear approving relations. There is a developing acknowledgement about this reality and both are finding a way to help economic ties.

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