A Postmodern Critique of Pakistani English Novels through the Lens of Historiographic Metafiction

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Dr. Ayesha Ashraf, Gulfam Hussain, Memoona Kokab


The present research attempts to analyze Pakistani English novels namely A Case of Exploding Mangoes (2008), The Scatter Here is too Great (2014), and A Season for Martyrs (2014) as historiographic metafiction. Linda Hutcheon propsed historiographic metafiction as a theory that re-conceptualizes history by combining fact and fiction. Pakistani novelists present social, political and historical issues of the region through this genre of postmodern fiction. The study shows that official history related to partition, military rule and politics is being questioned in the selected texts. This study ends with findings and recommendations for the future research. It concludes that the selected fiction subverts the traditional historical narratives in the sense conveyed by Linda Hutcheon and jean Francois Lyotard.

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