The Philosophy of Love and Its Manifestations in the Divan of Give Us Love by Fadwa Tuqan (An Analytical Study)

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Nour Hani Mohammad Alibrahim, Mohammad Issa Al Hourani


The present study centers on showing the form of love manifested in the Divan of A’tena Hobban (Give us love) by Fadwa Tuqan, in an attempt to throw light on the most important topics of the Divan, and to uncover the internal motives, and latent wishes and issues of the poet. Furthermore, the investigation of love in her poem will enable us to describe her mentality, her relationship with everything surrounding her, and her affective relationship with the external environment. Moreover, her stance towards the man will be discussed. To this end, we will elaborate on the most dominant forms she introduced about this man, as well as any clear implication of her language, expressions and forms.

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