Challenges of English Medium Instructions Faced by University Students Studying Social Sciences: A Qualitative Study

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Dr. Sidra Maqsood, Dr. Fauzia Maqsood, Dr. Noreena Kausar, Namra Shahzadi


The study aimed to explore and understand the challenges faced by university students due to English medium instructions. Qualitative research design was used and twenty students were selected from one of the universities situated in Lahore, Pakistan following the purposive sampling. In-depth interview method was used for data collection. Verbatim transcripts were analyzed by following the thematic analysis. Findings of the study revealed that students coming from Urdu medium instruction face a lot of issues while studying through English medium instructions. Major issues were identified as lack of comprehension of subject due to sudden change of medium of instruction, deduction in marks due to incorrect English in class tests, assignments and exams, lack of confidence during class presentations, unavailability of books written by Pakistani authors with examples relevant to Pakistani society and non-cooperative attitude of content teachers in helping students in learning English.

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