Designing and Evaluating the Digging Mechanism for Fertilizing the Rubber Plants

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Mongkol Kathapant, Payungsak Junyusen, Khongdet Phasinam, Yongyuth Sengdang


The objectives of this study are to design, to create, to test and to evaluate the digging mechanism for the tractor for fertilizing the rubber plants. By designing and analyzing the mechanism, it was found that the mechanism consisted of the cone drill bits, cranks and Geneva mechanism. The weight of the drill bits was 64.50 N. The maxi-mum stress of the crack was 10.56 N/mm2. The displacement was 0.27 mm. The mechanism was tested in the soil bin in the agricultural engineering laboratory. The soil consisted of sand (74%), silt (12%) and clay (14%). There were six speeds of the movements of the mechanism: 0.10, 0.12, 0.14, 0.16, 0.18 and 0.20 m/s, respectively. Each speed was tested at the four soil moistures: 9%, 12%, 17% and 25%, respective-ly. According to the test results, it was found that the mechanism had the good per-formances at the speed of 0.18 m/s with the soil moisture content of 12%. The effi-ciencies were 96.51% and 98.51%, respectively. As a result, the distance between the holes was 60 cm.

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