Teachers’ Perspectives on the Education for Deaf Students : A Comparative Study of Public and Private Schools

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Rukhsana Bashir, Ayesha Wajihullah, Asma Kanwal, Bushra Akram, Sajjad Haider


The objectives of this study were to explore opinions of teachers about the education of students with hearing impairment (SWHI) studying in special schools in Punjab. The number of teacher of SWHI who participated in this study was 250. These teachers were selected from seven divisions of Punjab, Pakistan. A self-developed and validated rating scale (Cronbach alpha:  0.84) was employed for data collection. Major finding of the study revealed that SWHI are not enjoying their right to quality education and decent jobs. They curriculum offered in special school was inferior and had limited learning opportunities. SWHI were facing a number of challenges that limit their access to uniform educational provisions, healthcare, employment etc. It is recommended that uniform curriculum and learning opportunities should be provided to improve the standard and worth of education of SWHI. 

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