Need for the Professional Development of Teacher Educator’s to improve the Quality of Education in Pakistan: A Review of Literature

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Tariq Mehmood Bhuttah, Chen Xiaoduan, Amna Bibi


In several countries around the world, the concern for raising the professional development of teacher educators has come under scrutiny due to globalization and higher education reforms. As a consequence, the conventional appraisal framework has been examined and in today's educational arena for the professional development of teacher educators, the new criteria are becoming more significant. So the National Standards for Professional Development of Teacher Educators in Pakistan are expected to be established to give the importance of qualified teachers in improving the quality of teaching and learning.  Therefore, concentrating especially on professional development in Pakistan, the research explores the current status of teacher educators. The opinion held is that Professional Development requires the number of approaches, modalities and institutional frameworks that occur in the region and it is a process in supporting teachers and their development. The study of various macro and micro-level education programs around the world shows us that the efficiency of teachers is profoundly connected to efforts to bring about reforms and improve the quality of education. This study also highlights very concisely the potential needs of the professional growth of teachers in Pakistan to make our education compatible and increase the learning of students. Thus, to advance the current situation and to address the professional development of teachers, this paper also suggests the interconnected position of the teachers’ community to make sincere, serious and systemic attempts.

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