The Role of the Cognitive Research Trust (CoRT) Program as a New Instructional Model for Developing Thinking Skills

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Dr. Dunia Tahir Hameed


         The present research  aims at investigating  the  role  of  the  CoRT(Cognitive  Research  Trust)  program  for  the development of thinking skills on  the achievement of  Iraqi English language learners (ELLs). The researcher adopted the experimental design and used a sampleof(60)  female students at Al-Maysaloon school/  in Salah Al-deen Governorate during the academic year(2019-2020).The sample is divided into a control group with(30)students and experimental group with(30)students. The two groups are equalized according to certain variables. The students in the experimental group are taught by usingCoRTprogram  , whereas, those in the control group are taught by using conventional method. The researcher usesCoRT program post-test which is conducted on the sample at the end of the experimental which is(12)weeks. The obtained results have shown that there are significant differences between experimental and control groups, in favor of the experimental group.

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