Protection of National Criminal Law against Efforts to Protect Their Citizens Abroad

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Henry Yoseph Kindangen, Joko Priyono, R. B. Sularto


This article aims to examine the criminal law protection provided by the state for its citizens who are abroad, This research is a normative legal research with a prescriptive research characteristic. The research approach used are statute approach and conceptual approach. The data to be used is secondary data and data collection is done by means of literature research with qualitative descriptive methods. The results showed that the function of criminal law protection in Indonesia for citizens outside the territory of Indonesia is manifested in several principles, namely the territorial principle and the personal principle, the territorial principle which emphasizes the territory or area of ​​the crime, as well as through the personal principle which is the basis for the application of criminal rules against Indonesian citizens who commit criminal acts abroad.Apart from this principle, criminal law also embodies a state responsibility in the form of protection for citizens who are suspects and victims abroad.

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