Quality of Education in University Institutions: Ibero-American Context

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Jesus Vargas Villa, Gregorio Arroyo Japura, Yanet Anco Maximiliano, Denisse Espinosa, Lessner Augusto León Espinoza


Every educational institution faces challenges at the organizational level when it comes to improving the quality-of-service delivery. In this research, a documentary review of research published in high impact journals indexed in Scopus database during the period 2015-2020 on quality management in education is carried out by performing a search within the records in Scopus database under the parameters defined in the methodological design considering that the research has been published in the period 2015-2020, and that it is original from the countries belonging to the Ibero-American community, resulting in a total of 160 documents registered in that database. After identifying the information, it is classified in aspects such as year of publication, area of knowledge, country of origin and type of research to be subjected to analysis from a quantitative and qualitative perspective in order to answer the question "How has scientific production been on the variable Quality in Education in Ibero-American countries during the period 2015-2020?" and gather enough information to reach the conclusions and draft the final document.

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