Having Fun: One of the Millennial Motives to Communicate and Build Interpersonal Relationships

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Sri Wahyuning Astuti, Atwar Bajari, Atie Rachmiatie, Antar Venus


Communication is an integral part of human life. The choice of motive in communicating is believed to affect the satisfaction of their communication and relationships. The six motives for sharing include pleasure, compassion, inclusion, escape control and relaxation. As a generation whose number is more than half of Indonesia's population, Millennials have weaknesses in carrying out interpersonal communication. The poor interpersonal communication carried out by millennials has made their level of satisfaction in carrying out communication and relationships low. This study uses a quantitative approach, with the subject of this research is the millennial generation in the Jakarta area. The data were collected using the interpersonal communication motive scale, consisting of 27 items (Rubin et al., 1988) and the Communication Satisfaction Scale, which consists of 18 items. (Hecht, 1978). The results showed the average high on the motives of pleasure and affection. In addition, the need for inclusion is greater for male millennials than for women. In addition, there is a positive relationship between the choice of communication motives and communication satisfaction and millennial relationships.

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