The Five F’s Innovation: A Competitive Positioning Strategy for Women’s Empowerment

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Syarif Makmur, Kusmawaty Matara, Dewi Gartika, Herie Saksono


Gender equality and women's empowerment is still a classic problem, especially in rural areas. Women often accept gender injustices. This situation requires innovative solutions. This study aims to explore innovations that can improve women's existence so that they are in a competitive strategic position towards a better life. The research approach used is qualitative with the case study method. The locus chosen was Juriya Village in Bilato District, Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo Province, Indonesia. The study found that women contributed to creating 5 F’s innovations for their family welfare. They are efforts to realize food sovereignty, providing fuel as household energy, managing finances inclusively, striving for equal rights for women (Feminism), and accelerating the realization of a prosperous and family welfare. As digital technology advances, women should optimize their potential as digital feminists who are able to work in digital economy. Through the 5 F’s Innovation, the existence of women will be taken-into account, progressive, and gender responsive in development, as well as other social-activities. It is recommended that the Government immediately develop a 5 F’s-based model for women's empowerment. The implementation of the 5 F’s innovation has further strengthened the position of women, accelerates gender equality, and women are empowered.

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