Poultry Farming In Times of Pandemic and Its Impact on Poultry Farm Production in Ecuador

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Guillermo Neusa Arenas, Rodrigo Roberto Alvear Reascos


The poultry industry development in Ecuador has reflected in recent years a growth in production that represents 2.0% of national GDP, by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) compared to large poultry companies. Today, the mother of all coronavirus pandemics (Covid-19) has impacted the world, especially in developing countries; in most farms, production has decreased with losses and even closure, which has affected production and human talent. The poultry industry continues to be one of the main pillars in the food supply for the consumption of meat and eggs in the population, currently maintaining itself with considerable low costs and a labor force in line with productivity. The objective of the study is to determine the socioeconomic impact on poultry farms and labor performance in poultry breeding for the commercialization of meat and eggs, allowing the establishment of strategies for productive development; with the application of study methodologies, which allow an analysis of competitiveness in production, obtaining as a result the economic reactivation in the poultry sector in times of pandemic. 

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