Despair – Destiny - Dearth: A Retrospective Sea Bajau Labyrinth Education Review

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J. H. Tham, S. S. Mustakim, A. D. Minghat, A. H. A. Rahim, Enio M. S. K.


There is no way for children to be left behind in education. The difference growth in these children’s lives will lead to the future of a nation’s development. Sea Bajau is a group of individuals who still embrace the maritime and nomadic lifestyle, unidentified, and have no access to formal education. In particular, they are different in terms of socioeconomic status, place of residence, culture, historical origin, and citizenship. They have no chance of obtaining the education provided by the government and are spending time on a boat or a beach daily basis. This paper looks into an alternative education of the Sea Bajau children to have the right to formal education, regardless of whether children are registered or undocumented. In various ways, alternative education has many positive effects on students and communities. It helps develop the literacy of students who can read and write after attending alternative education classes.

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