Motivation and Work Performance of the Collaborators of the Glass Commercialization Company at the Independencia District

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Ricardo Fernando Cosio Borda, Orlando Juan Márquez Caro, Fernando Luis Márquez Caro, Juan Martín Campos Huamán, Mary Hellen Mariela Michca Maguiña, Irvin Stid Delgado Farfán


The research entitled "Motivation and work performance of the collaborators of the glass commercialization company of the district of Independencia" was developed in order to achieve the objective of Determining the relationship that exists between motivation with the work performance of the collaborators of the Glass Commercialization Company of the district of Independencia, a study conducted in the context that there are already new ideas and reflections on motivation and work performance in its broadest and most lasting dimension and in turn it is understood that the commercialization company has its meaning in giving a good service to its customers. The method used a non-experimental design of cross-sectional correlational type, working with a population of 86 employees and a sample of 71 employees, and applying a questionnaire on motivation and work performance. The results of the field work analyzed statistically indicate that there is a positive and highly significant relationship between motivation and work performance (r= 0.773, p=.000). In other words, the higher the level of motivation, the higher the level of work performance in collaborators of the EmpresaComercializadora de Vidriosof the Independencia District. Thus, the general hypothesis of the research is accepted, and the null hypothesis is rejected.

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