Bibliometric Analysis of the Scientific Production on Public International Law and Human Rights during the Period 2012-2020

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Michael Lincold Trujillo Pajuelo, Alfonso Renato Vargas-Murillo, John Eric Rhenals Turriago, Diego Mauricio Hernández Guzman, Kenny Jorge Pérez Díaz


This paper seeks to show the scientific production in relation to the variables named Public International Law (PIL) and Human Rights (HR), during the period 2012-2020 through a bibliometric approach to the data collected in the Scopus platform, which after being defined, yields a result of 766 research papers on the topic of study raised above. An analysis of the production is made from a bibliometric perspective to define its distribution during the indicated period, in aspects such as country of origin, authors, year of publication and area of knowledge in which the research work is developed. Likewise, it is analyzed from a bibliographic approach to know the position of different authors regarding the study of human rights, with the purpose of measuring the impact that such variables have had on research worldwide, being human rights an interesting subject of study in the management of all social interaction seen from the macro and micro environment, as well as what has been studied regarding the management of the DIP and the creation of norms that help regulate such interaction.

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