Effect of Organic Mulch on Avocado Crop (Persea americana Mill.) Strong Variety

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Edgar Bedoya-Justo, Alberto Julca-Otiniano


The effect of mulch on the Fuerte avocado crop was evaluated in Moquegua, Peru. The study was carried out in a 7-year-old plot, with a 5x5 planting frame and under gravity irrigation. A randomized complete block design (RCBD) was used with 4 treatments (T0: control without mulch or manure, T1: alfalfa mulch with manure, T2: oat mulch with manure and T3: elephant grass mulch with manure), with an approximate weight of 12 t ha-1 for mulch and 10 t ha-1 for manure; and in 3 replications. Each experimental unit had 2 rows of 6 plants each; a total of 72 plants in an area of 1800 m2. The trial lasted 20 months and evaluated yield and fruit size, presence of weeds and soil characteristics. For the conditions in Moquegua, the use of mulch on the Fuerte avocado crop increased yield, fruit size and number of fruits per plant, and there was a 59% reduction in weeds. Likewise, it improved the physicochemical properties of the soil, with the exception of CEC, for which no differences were found (p>0.05).

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