Quality and Management in Education, Conditions and Challenges in the Latin American Context

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Arturo Rafael Heredia, Paola Carvajal-Muñoz, Ezequiel Martínez Rojas, Gregorio Arroyo Japura


This article addresses the issue of educational management in Latin American educational systems, which, according to several authors, constitutes its main current challenge: quality. In order to face this challenge effectively, it is necessary to generate certain preconditions. The policies developed during the last decade by Latin American countries in terms of school coverage, expansion of educational opportunities, investment in education, curricular framework and full school day point in this direction.Together with the definition of educational management and quality, the paper presents an analysis of the current literature on educational management in Latin American countries in the last 5 years and the existence of a variety of critical factors that condition the achievement of this objective, finally limiting itself to the analysis of four of them: professionalization and leadership of managers, evaluation culture, teaching careers oriented towards excellence and supporters committed to educational quality.

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