Tumultuous Execution and Violation of the Victim's Constitutional Rights

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Carlos Ernesto Herrera Acosta, Fernanda Vanessa Murillo Garcés, Diego Lenín Andrade Ulloa, Rafael Arturo Yépez Zambrano


The tumultuous execution is a palpable form of the implementation of violence that is currently experienced, events that are carried out by the same society that demands security, in which a mob of people punish a suspect publicly and without a formal judicial process or group of suspects of committing one or more crimes; the punishments, torture, degrading treatment, which typify criminal conduct in the execution by one's own hand, cause damage to the personal integrity and sometimes even the death of the victim; in these acts of barbarism, helplessness, discrimination and inequality are peculiar characteristics of this way of doing justice. The present study is characterized by being a systematic, exhaustive and updated investigation on a problem that originates from the lack of trust and credibility in the ordinary justice system, which is causing the violation of constitutional rights, putting in check the Constitutional State of Rights and Justice; Specifically, the results of the investigation allow us to conclude by identifying the main constitutional rights that are violated to the victim or victims of the riotous execution in Ecuador.

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