Expressing Local Wisdom of Indonesian Madurese through Proverbs

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Moh. Hafid Effendy, Kristanti Ayuanita, Imam Suyitno, Wahyudi Siswanto, Yuni Pratiwi


This research is motivated by the traditional Madurese expression existence which starts to be rare to use in Madurese speech.  In general, this study aims to provide an expression of the value of local Madurese ethnic wisdom in Madurese proverbs. The research approach is qualitative, using a descriptive approach. The data in this study were collected through study of documentation, observation, record, and field notes. The data analysiswas out inductively through the process of identification, classification, and interpretation. The result showed that the expression of local wisdom contained in Madurese proverbs in the form of local wisdom relates to fellow humans, nature, and local wisdom related to his Lord. Therefore, several forms of local wisdom in Madurese proverbs contain cultural messages, cultural attitudes, and character education for the Madurese community.

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