The Genealogy of Cultuurstelsel's Power in the Novel Babad Kopi Parahyangan by Evi SriRezeki: The Perspective of Michel Foucault's Critical Discourse Analysis

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Junaidi, Pinto Anugrah, Ardiya


This study aims to discuss the genealogy of power formed during the cultuurstelsel (Cultivation System) in Evi Sri Rezeki's Babad Kopi Parahyangan novel perspective of Michel Foucault's critical discourse analysis. The study results found that the power relations built between the power of the Dutch East Indies government and the traditional authority that had existed before were unified but not correlated. Likewise, with the genealogy of power, traditionally local rulers were considered representatives of kings and gods. Still, in the new positions formed by the Dutch East Indies government, this was no longer valid.

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