A Study of User Profile and Their Attitudes about Social Media Promotion of Prescription Drugs in Eastern India

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Samrat Kumar Mukherjee, Vivek Pandey, Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Dr. Ajeya Jha


Social Media Promotion (SMP) of prescription drugs can be both helpful, as it provides us emotional support, it helps marginalized group of patients to reach out their physician. But sometimes it might turn into lethal as it can motivate patients for self-medication, it can negatively impact patient physician relationship. Thus, SMP for prescription drugs is a topic that should be considered critically to study, as the interests of patients is involved.  Present study analyzes the impact of social media promotion of prescription medicine among patients of Eastern India. To understand the impact a cross-section study was carried out and a survey was done. Cronbach's α was done to check reliability of collected data and, ANCOVA was used to determine if there is significant differences in responses. The study shows that number of female students, who are using social media to search the health information in social media, higher than male students in most of cases. From the study it is also found that social media promotion of prescription drugs leads to self-medication and patients are also using it to get emotional support. Respondents reported that patients are using social media platform to get health information, their attitude does not get affected by the users’ geographical area irrespective of their gender.

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