Content Analysis Study of Tense Translation from English to Indonesia

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Suardi, Dyah Ambar Wuryandari, Wawan Wurjantoro


This study aims to analyze the translation of tense from English to Indonesia. This study focuses on the novel “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett who was translated by BarokahRuziati. This study deploys a qualitative approach with a content analysis method. The data was taken from ‘The Help’ which consists of 34 chapters and the researchers only analyze 20 chapters, and the researcher only focuses on 15 sentences which content tenses in every chapter. This study showcase: (1) the use of present tense is more than the use of past tense, (2) the procedure of translation consists of three parts, namely transposition (the most used), adaptation, and modulation, (3) some words are not equivalent, but majorities are equivalent. It can be concluded that The Help was dominated by present tenses, the inclination of the novel is as the media to tell the story, dialogue, and the progress activities, as a result, the sentences used the present tense.  In general, the benefit of this study is the researcher understands well the content analysis of the novel from the tenses aspect from English to Indonesia, understands the procedure and equivalent and inequivalent translation. For the reader, they can get the concept of translation and improve their ability to translate text such as a novel, poem, short story, and other works of literature.

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