Women's Psychology in the Novel Kekang of Stefani Bella's Works

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Hetilaniar, Dessy Wardiah, Liza Murniviyanti, Dian Nuzulia Armariena, Darwin Effendi


Stefani Bella's Kekang novel is written by a woman who presents a storyline that discusses the psychology of women or the situation of a girl named Layung who is the main character. This study focuses on the psychology of women using gynocritic theory. Based on the results of the analysis, it was found that various kinds of psychology of female characters, namely Layung, Ibu Layung, Kinar, Widya and Meme Ida, are found in Stefani Bella's Kekang novel. The result of this research is that there are life problems that affect the psychology of the female characters in the story, especially the Layung character who is the main character in the story. Feelings experienced such as loss, lack of affection, annoyance, disappointment and even a feeling of wanting to give up are psychological symptoms related to his feelings, then a sense of trauma that continues to haunt him because his memory is always reminiscing about the things he feared happened again. The feelings and memories involved in the problems Layung face are symptoms of recognition and symptoms of feelings and emotions related to their psychology. As with what Layung experienced in the story, it is related to the three personality structures according to Sigmund Freud which involve the id, ego, and superego that is in him.

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