Noun Acquisition of Pre-School Age Children

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Tri Wahyu Retno Ningsih, Dwi Asih Haryanti


Language acquisition is an important part of a person's life. Language is a mean of communication and social interaction that should be mastered early on. A good language command will support the quality of human life, especially in the aspect of social interaction. Given the importance of early language acquisition, children’s language acquisition needs to be investigated. This paper presentsa research on language acquisition especially in acquiring noun (Indonesian) and how children acquire a language. Brain’s growth and development of each child enablestimulus optimal reception by absorbing all the stimulation provided by a good environment at home as well as at school. Eventually, a child will have the ability to reason properly according to the information she or he got before, then he attributes the old information to the following information. Acquisition and language use accurately show the children's understanding of the word meaning or understanding of language that basically relies on the sense of mind (internal), and the sensory data and their ratio.

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