A Smart Parking System based on Iot Technologies

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Dr. Purnendu Shekhar Pandey, A. Prithiviraj, Dr. D. Vijendra Babu, Mrs. Shanker Shalini, T. Rajasanthosh Kumar, Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Jain


The primary goal of this work was to build and create a smart parking system utilising a microcontroller with sensors connected to the cloud through IOT technologies, which provides a solution to minimise traffic congestions and the associated concerns. A prototype of this proposed approach was developed as a proof-of-concept using Arduino UNOs, Node MCUs, and a Raspberry Pi 3 to illustrate the proposed framework.In addition, an Android programme was created for consumers using MIT software inventor 2 to help them with bookings, editing, and other tasks. viewing the state of parking lots, etc. The programme is based on the smart slot recommendation process, and the device includes smart slots. RFID entry/exit, number plate recognition (NPR) entry/exit, and strong vehicle refusal for entry are all options. The efficiency of The device was assessed by measuring the robustness of RFID access and the precision of the NPR methodology, as well as the application usability. It It was discovered that the combined RFID and NPR solution was special, and the application was smarter than the existing cloud. the processes The RFID sensor's robustness was 100 percent on average, while the NPR reached an accuracy of 95 percent with a detection period of less than a second. It takes 7.5 seconds. According to the programme usability recommendations, participants gave the application 4.2 stars for ease of usage, and 90 percent favoured such an application.

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