A Grid Based Parallel Approach for Workflow Scheduling in Heterogeneous Environment

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Kiran Kumar Kataraki, Sumana Maradithaya


Computing has been one of the eminent computing paradigms in last decade of information technology. It requires workflow scheduling with huge computation and vast amount of energy. Hence, the mechanism has to be developed in such a way that it should minimize makespan and energy in workflow scheduling. The early research techniques consumes more execution time when more bandwidth is required for the execution based on the workflow schedule. The major drawback that exists is non-bandwidth aware constraint which causes the workflow model to perform poorly.  It can be tackled through grid based approach. In this research work, we design and develop MGWSM (Multi-Grid Workflow Scheduling mechanism) for  scheduling the workflow that considers the bandwidth constraint in parallel computation environment. MGWSM is evaluated on two unique scientific workflows i.e. cybershake and montage with four designed instance. Further comparative analysis with the existing works shows that MGWSM outperforms the existing model with marginal efficiency.

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