An Overview of Social- Economic Crises of the People of Char Areas in South Salmara Mankachar District (Assam)

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Ebrahim Ali Mondal


                In the modern 21st century , though poverty is gradually decreasing , yet this scenario of poverty , is prevailed in the char areas like Borair-Alga , Nengtar Char, Sisumara , Kokradanga, Khakrarchar , Sukchar, Hajir-hat etc. in the border district of South Salmara- Mankachar district a newly constructed district come in force in the year 2015. The mighty river Brahmaputra has ruined all the landed property of these vast areas since the year 1988 onwards to the present day. The people of these vast areas now homeless and Penniless. The main source of livelihood of these people are agriculture. But, owing to devastating calamities- they are now landless and lead a life of wanderer and Jajabor . Owing to stomach pain for food , some of them migrated to other places like Hatsingimari, Kharuabandha , Tangaon, Pipulbari , Kalapani  Teldhala etc. But still so many problems arises in these cases of new settlements in various new places as  because they are observe as Bangladeshi as various agencies of Assam as well as India think so some of the youth as well as elders of these char areas goes to Guwahati, Tura , Nangal , Dibrugarh, Shillong etc. in search of work as labour , carpenter, vender , Rickshawalla , Thelawala , bus driver , Taxi driver etc. sometimes , they are bitten mercilessly by those urban folk and other police personal if they couldn’t produce identity card or identity proof. This is the plight of people of char-areas and their miseries knows no bound.

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