Arabic Proper Names between Fossilized and Significance "An Approach in the Light of Nomenclature Foundations"

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Aida Albasalah


The Paper discusses the state of Arabic proper names: their significance of fossilized, through using a nomenclature approach. Such studies in Arabic linguistics are marginalized among Arab researchers, while the French and English linguists (Americans and Westerners) have long introduced their contribution. We have to stimulate and mobilize the wills to go through this field, which can be a rich and pregnant source that has been stuck under the ground for ages. The paper tries to investigate Arabian nomenclature, and classic and modern attitudes towards it, searching for origins among ancient scholars of Arabic. Indeed, there are many proper names with significance in our Arabic Heritage.

The paper consists of a foreword, an introduction, and five sections. There the first is: “The Attitude of Linguists Regarding the fossilized of Arabic Proper Names and Their Significance”, in which the attitude of Arabic and Western linguists, who support the approach that Arabic Proper names have no significance, is pointed out. Their evidence, explanations and proofs are provided. Western scholars who support the view that Arabic Proper names have connotations are also mentioned, with their evidence, explanations and proofs. Some of the few references that are briefly mentioned concerning the connotation of Proper names recollected from our heritage.

The second section is: “The Significance of a Proper Name from Selection to Evolution”, in which the significance of names from the time they are ascribed to the newborn until they are loaded with connotations throughout the life of the bearers, are studied. The third section is: “Proper Names Pregnant with significance in our Arabic Heritage”, in which Proper names pregnant with connotations are collected. The fourth section is: “Proper Names of Places”, in which the significance of the names of places, and its transformation to modern connotation usage are provided.

The fifth section is: “The Connotation of Proper Names in Literary Works”. It is an applied study, in which I point out the importance of Proper names as lexical units with a lot of connotations; poets have relied on, using them as a main lexicon for their works. The paper concludes with the most important findings and a list of references.

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