An Empirical Analysis of Young Mizo Association, the Largest Non-governmental Organization in Mizoram

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Esther L Chhangte, Rattan Lal Koul


The topic for this research paper has been chosen with a view to understanding the relationship between the Government and the powerful Non-governmental Organization called Young Mizo Association in the State of Mizoram and to deliver some ideas on how the conflict which sometimes arises due to overzealousness on the part of this non-governmental body can be set right. The study is Empirical Study by virtue of questionnaire drawn to derive answers to the research problems. Inspite of the fact that there is a presence of a legal system similar to other parts of the country, it is often found that Young Mizo Association which exists as a result of the cultures and traditions of the Mizos, seems to overlap with the administrative and judicial set up of Mizoram which often resulted in the existence of a parallel government. Some of the members of the Mizo community are of the opinion that the members of the Young Mizo Association has been trying to assume functions which rightfully belong to the state. This added to tensions in the relationship between them and the state. Young Mizo Association, a Non-governmental Organization like the one which existed in Mizoram is unique as they are not affiliated with any national or international organizations.

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