The Aesthetic Function of Mesopotamian Symbols in Babylonian Artists' Drawings

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Ziadoon Jaafar Mahdi, Raad Mutar Majeed, Dr.Munther Fadhel Hasan


  The research include (the aesthetic employment of Mesopotamian symbols in oil painting by Babylonian artists) includes four chapters, the first of which is (the methodological framework) represented by the research problem that is embodied by answering the following question (What is the aesthetic Employment of Mesopotamian symbols in the oil painting of Babylonian artists) also included this chapter (the importance of research) by shedding light on how the aesthetic employment of Mesopotamian symbols of Babylonian artists and their representations in those productions by reading the aesthetic composition of the Mesopotamian symbols in the pictorial surface of the products of Babylonian artists, and this chapter contained the (objective of the research) which was limited to (detection On the aesthetic employment of Mesopotamian symbols in the drawings of Babylonian artists?) And this chapter included (Research Limits), which were fixed in time from the period (1990-2010). As for the second chapter, about me in the theoretical framework and included two topics (What is a symbol) and (Symbol in Mesopotamia and contemporary Iraq). As for the third chapter, the research procedures were concerned with the research community and its sample, the research methodology, and the analysis of the sample (4) works of art, and the fourth chapter came with results, conclusions, recommendations and proposals.    

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