Art from the Lenses of Evolutionists: A Contextual Analysis

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Patrick Neil M. Santiago, Gener S. Subia


This paper is an attempt to answer some essential questions about art. This inquiry tries to give substantial insights crafted by evolutionist theory and draws inquisitive reasoning to understand the basic concept of art. The study observed the analytic steps to profoundly extract the essence of art such as analyzing the etymological meaning of art taken from the different interpretation and development, justifying the explanation of art provided by different prominent thinkers from the east and west part of the world, briefly explaining the nature of art in terms of impulse and degrees of artistic and evolutional development of man toward its heights, and discussing the consensuses regarding the assumptions attributed to capture its "suchness" context. The evolutionist theory on art assumes the proper treatment in explaining the meaning and/or attempt to answer the basic question of its nature. Art then remains infinite as it gives a dynamic representation of human creativity.       

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