Perspective of Entrepreneurial Activity in the Commercial Development of Leonidas Plaza Parish, Ecuador

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Dr. C. Frank Ángel Lemoine Quintero et al.


The objective of this research was based on conducting a study of entrepreneurship and its influence on the economic development of one of the parishes of Catón Sucre, specifically, the parish of Leonidas Plaza Gutiérrez, taking as historical references the years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019. Each of the possible factors that helped the growth of enterprises within this sector were detailed, starting from a global point of view until reaching the microeconomic levels of the sector that was analyzed. Subsequently, the information obtained was contrasted, which helped the critical analysis of the results found during the course of the research. The methods used were the bibliographic review and the historical logical method. The bibliographic materials follow the order of years established and already mentioned, together with the scientific reading, the two variables of the present topic gave an answer to the problem posed for the investigation, concluding the role of the investigative and linking activity in the strengthening of sustainable strategies in the commercial activity of the area under study.

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