Students’ Attitude Towards Science During COVID-19 Pandemic: Teachers’ Perspectives

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Nabila Younis, Dr. Zafar Khan , Dr. Liaquat Hussain


During the period of COVID-19 pandemic, the educational institutions including secondary schools were closed and all the students were advised to stay at home for their safety. Later on Government decided to carry on educational activities through online classes as well as alternate day visit of students to school. This absence from educational institutions can affect the students’ attitude towards education especially science. The study investigated the attitude of secondary school students towards science during COVID-19 pandemic in district Dera Ismail Khan of the province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). Survey was conducted using multistage sampling technique. A sample of 223 science teachers (134 male & 89 female), responded to the valid and reliable instrument having reliability 0.84.  One sample t-test was applied to check the attitude towards science, while the independent sample t-test was used to find the differences in the views of groups regarding attitude towards science. The results indicated that the students’ attitude towards the science is positive even in the days of Pandemic COVID-19 when most of the time in a year, schools remained closed and mode of teaching shifted from physical to online classes through the use of technology gadgets and the areas where there were no such facilities, classes on alternate days were conducted.  It is worth mentioning that the same types of perceptions are received from the male and female groups of teachers. Both, the male and female teachers perceived the students’ attitude towards the science very positive. Further, the science teachers from the different groups like Mathematics / Physics and Chemistry / Biology are very much satisfied and showed same positive perceptions about students’ attitude towards science.

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