Questioning the Capitalist Ascendancy: Toni Morrison’s Marxist Penchant in A Mercy

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Dr. Sohail Ahmad Saeed, Dr. Gulzar Ahmad , Sajid Anwar , Ahmad Naeem, Fateh Khan


The capitalist heftiness exacerbates many issues like economic instability, class conflict, commodification, unhomeliness, alienation and estrangement. All such disparities join together to constitute social degeneration in the world of A Mercy. This paper focuses on the ways how Morrison attempts to remove the capitalist ascendancy from Colonial America as she rejects those hierarchical structures which inflict pessimism and despair among individuals. Morrison endorses a world in which unequal power divisions of any kind are destroyed and replaced with a sameness that stimulates the escalation and proliferation of social and cultural equitability. All hierarchical structures that divide power inequitably are represented as unjust, unfair, and in need of a complete change. A Mercy is engaged for the promotion of equitability through the erasure of capitalist degenerative structures, subtly creating a ‘perfect’ world.

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