Post-pandemic education perspectives in Peru: A radiography of the new challenges

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Jury Carla Medina Uribe, Hubert Luque Huamani Chirinos


It is impossible to assume that education will be the same before and after of COVID-19 pandemic; therefore, it is imperative to rethink education in the post-pandemic context. Accordingly, as a research goal, the interpretation of the teachers’ expectations in the post-pandemic educational sector in Peru, was presented. The research was developed by the hermeneutic phenomenology method, being four university teachers of a private university of Lima Metropolitan the key informants of this project. The results obtained from the interviews allow interpreting and reflecting based on three fundamental categories: a) teaching performance after the experience of virtual classes; b) the transformation of post-pandemic pedagogical practice; c) the new student educational requirements. The interpretation allowed to solve the research concern and with it emerged new questions, which stand out: What will be the role of the State before the educational demands in the post-pandemic scenario? Will teachers be able to maintain the socio-constructivist models before the new scenario? Will the hybrid models of education be the best alternative for education in Peru? Will social and educational cohesion be possible after the COVID-19 crisis in the educational spaces?

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