Digital Transformation and Educational Innovation in Latin America in the Framework of Covid-19

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Omar Bellido Valdiviezo, Wilfredo Contreras Aranda, Abelardo Rodolfo Campana Concha, Liliana Margarita Meza Cueto, César Sapaico del Castillo, Leopoldo, Choque Flores


A documentary review is carried out regarding the production of scientific publications on the variables Digital Transformation and Educational Innovation in the framework of Covid-19, in order to know the main characteristics of the volume of publications indexed in Scopus database with a total of 164 documents, platform through which the survey of data that allow through the distribution by year of publication, country of origin, area of knowledge and type of publication, highlight relevant aspects as well as identify some examples to know the position of different authors against the proposed topic. The methodology used corresponds to a quantitative analysis of the data on the volume of scientific production, with a bibliometric study, and qualitative analysis of the research works cited in the body of this document. Among the main findings, it is highlighted that in terms of research on Digital Transformation and Educational Innovation in the context of the pandemic generated by Covid-19 in the educational field, Brazil is the Latin American country with the highest number of publications, registering a total of 55 documents. The area of knowledge with the highest number of contributions to publications was Social Sciences with 101 publications, and of the total number of research papers identified, 70% correspond to Journal Articles.

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