Science Ethics and Alternative Science

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Ridha Ahida, Novi Hendri, Zulfani Sesmiarni


This research discusses science ethics in the development of alternative science. The object of this research is the root of modern science school, value-free or value-bound science, ethic approach on science and axiology foundation of the development of science. This research employed science philosophical foundation to capture the phenomenon that the history of the development of science didn’t happen in linear form but it occurred revolutionary, in the sense that the changes from one paradigm to other new paradigm happened by taking into account other values from outside of the science itself. Therefore, this research also used science paradigm theories as well as science ethics theories. The finding of this research indicated that there is a need for a paradigm that leads and ensure that the development of science is constructive for human life. This research also revealed that science has an important role in all aspect of human life; the exploration of science has assisted human in terms of facilitating them in carrying out different kinds of activities and technology as product of science has also accelerated human mobility by shortening and broadening the sphere of time and place of human life. On the other hand, the development of science and the role that it plays has demolished the very existence of humanity. Science is no longer explored; it has already been extremely exploited. As a result, the development of science has threatened and ruined the existence of humans. This research, therefore, proposes a solution, it is time for science to open itself to values outside of the science itself. Science is no longer the qibla for all the systems of human life. Other dimensions should be included to regulate human life.

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