Visual Analysis Of The Elements Of Cinematographic And Mise En Scene In Parasite (2019)

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Dr. Mujahid Shah, Dr. Marukh Shakir, Sadia Shareef, Ms. Aymen, Sumayya Feroz


The analysis of movie content has not been much in focus in many studies so far. Therefore, this study examines the movie, PARASITE, (2019) from the perspective of cinematography and mise-en-scene, which has not been attempted before. All aspects of cinematography and  mise-en-scene , such as, shots, angles , camera movements, cinematic language, lighting ratios, three point system , framing, design & composition , setting , décor , costumes, acting etc. have been covered in the study to reveal the implied meanings and themes  of  class , race , inequality, give and take relationship, our role as parasites, discrimination, violence, survival  and corporate culture. In view of the nature of current research, a qualitative approach was adopted. The primary source of data had been the movie PARASITE itself. The data was analyzed  based on a couple of parameters among many , as identified by Barsam & Monahan in their book , Looking Into Movies (2012).This study is significant in serving as a guideline for the visual analysis of other movies from the same perspective.

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