Forming Personality and Self-Search in the Space of Alienation and Marginalization “The Bottom of the Country” Model

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Dr. Linda Obead


The paper discusses the formation of the novelist as the only element where all the other formal elements intersect, including the temporal and spatial coordinates necessary for the growth and development of the narrative discourse. The research stands at the formation of the character of the anti-defeated hero in the space of marginalization and alienation, and his attempt to search for himself and his entity and identity, taking the novel "bottom of the country" by Jordanian novelist Sobhi Fahmawi applied model as a novel chronicles the people and the place within a difficult historical stage is the stage after the defeat of one thousand nine hundred and seven Sixty to imagine ugliness and deformation without beauty, relying on the richness and diversity in narrative techniques and attention to form and content at the same time. The study stands by talking about the main character in the novel from its formal features, to the manifestation of its psychological insides and natures, and repressed and refractions and aches, "to the emancipation, and reveal itself when the spatial space that represents the crucible of marginalization and alienation and the focus of the crisis, and to describe the place of the most important formal elements In the novel, he plays an important role in framing storytelling, organizing events, as well as thanks to his own structure and the relationships he establishes with personalities, times and visions. It is also a criterion "to measure the awareness, relationships and social and cultural arrangements from which the hero breaks and suffers, thus becoming a way to emancipate him. The research relies on a textual analytical approach

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