A Study on Online Trading Advantages of Investors in India

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Dr.C.M.Sudha Arogya Mary,Dr.S.Gangadharan,Dr. J.Angel Beulah Gracelin,Ms.Sneha Tete,


A stock exchange, equity market, or share market is that the aggregation of buyers and dealers of stocks (also known as shares), that constitute ownership claims on organizations; this might”. These might embrace securities listed on a public stock market, in addition to stock that's solely listed in camera, like shares of personal corporations that square measure sold to investors through equity crowd funding platforms. Investment within the exchange is most frequently done via stock brokerages and electronic commerce platforms. Investment is typically created with an associate investment strategy in mind. The creation of the internet has distinctly modified our way of existence as a society. It has defined the way we do business and the way they correspond. The internet has opened many possibilities for online buying and selling. The financial industry revolves around the Internet. Everything is just a few clicks away. This makes online trading most convenient.

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