Hybrid Active Power Filter Design to Reduce Power Quality Issues in Power Systems

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Akash Sanjay Ghodake, Thummala Ravi Kumar, Gopinath S., Hemavathi S., Rajalakshmy S., Jenopaul P.


Power quality in electricity is one of the most important study in recent times, with many researchers working in this field maintaining a quality power target. This article highlights challenges of power quality in power systems, particularly in INDIA. It also covers the several sources of problems with energy quality, their impact and preventative measures to solve problems in energy quality. Different mitigating devices utilized to handle different energy quality concerns and some approaches for increasing power quality. Various controller types and their respective applications have also been presented. It is also proposed that a hybrid APF appointer minimize harmonics in power lines. Lastly, the study provides an overview of the phenomenon of power quality in power systems and can be used by researchers in the field of power quality. Keywords: Power Quality, Controller, Harmonics, Sag, etc.

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