A Study on Parents Satisfaction Level with Special Needs Children Progress in Special Schools

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Dr.Khuda Bakhsh, Waqar Younas Warraich, Tajammal Hussain Awan, Dr. Amna Saeed, Zikra Faiz


Parents of children with special needs face several social and psychological challenges. Special needs children had difficulty building learning relationships with peers at the same age. The purpose of the research was to explore Parents' Satisfaction with Students Progress in Special Schools.  A qualitative research design was used for this research and the nature of the research was basic qualitative research. The interview guide was developed for parents. The researcher pilot tested the interview guide of children with disabilities. The experts validated the interview guide. The researcher selected the 55 parents based on convenient sampling from a special school. Data were analyzed by making themes and coding. The study concluded that parents were more satisfied with students' Academic, Communication, Related services, and life skills and behaviors progress in special schools. Parents were not satisfied with their child's social, emotional, teaching-learning process in special schools. Therapeutic services are not properly provided to their children. No good counseling session was held for parents. It is recommended that Teachers of special schools integrate systematic instructions for problem-solving, creative thinking, and self-awareness into the curriculum and provide opportunities for students to practice these skills

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