An Overview of Muhammad Marmadiok's [1936] Thoughts on Islamic Culture

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Dr Zainab Amin, Dr. Shair Ali Khan


The terms culture and civilization are used in discussions of sociology, history, and philosophy. However, there are sharp differences in their technical definitions, and sometimes the two are used interchangeably. The basic values ​​of beliefs, values ​​and principles of life, which are the common foundation of a human group and on the basis of which a nation or group has a distinct identity and identity in society, is called culture; But it should be noted that culture, beliefs, thoughts, habits and morals as well as political, social and social institutions; Even in the international arena, it has left its mark, as a result of which various sciences and arts have come into existence, various forms of art have come to the fore, various masterpieces of architecture have dazzled the human eyes, economic Institutions are formed and political systems are formed; This collective identity is called civilization, nobility and civilization. There were various motives for the emergence, shine and spread of Islamic civilization over the world and there are various reasons for its anonymity. Only the great role of Islamic civilization in the history of human evolution and its unforgettable merits in the fields of science and art, beliefs, ethics, philosophy and wisdom and literature on different nations of the world has to be mentioned. This article examines Marmadiok's views on Islamic civilization.

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