Management of Customer Collections and Delinquencies at Banco Azteca in Jaen – 2020

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Víctor Hugo Puican Rodríguez, Pinchi Ramírez Wadson


The objective of this study is to determine the influence of the management of collection and delinquency of the customers of Banco Azteca in Jaén. The type of research used was descriptive, at a descriptive-correlational level, with a causal correlational design. The population studied consisted of 3500 customers of Banco Azteca Jaén, and 250 customers were obtained as a sample. Documentary analysis and survey were applied as technique and instrument to collect data, measured by a Likert scale. The reliability of the instrument applied was 0.935 according to Cron Bach alpha. With respect to the results obtained, in relation to the collection management, 43% of the clients affirm that the collection management is deficient and, with respect to the delinquency variable, 34% revealed that the level of delinquency is high. In this way, it is evident that the collection management has a strong correlation with the delinquency, reflecting that if an efficient collection management is performed, the level of delinquency in the AZTECA financial institution of the city of Jaén would be reduced.

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