Environmental Pollution and the Teachings of Islam: An Analysis

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Dr. Abzahir Khan, Dr. Muhammad Ayaz, Dr. Syed Naeem Badshah, Dr. Gul Muhammad,Dr. Janas Khan,Dr. Karim Dad, Dr. Zafar Hussain,


Quran Hakeem is believed to be the last and comprehensive message for the guidance of humans. Which was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) the book is pivotal in the preaching by the Holy prophet (SAW) on the basis of which a system of justices and a society bond on equality was to be established the Holy prophet himself was a living model of the Qur’anic teaching in action and under his guidance a great revolution took place in humans. The holy Prophet provided solution to all the problems in his teachings. Just like a sound body requires a sound mind similarly for a strong and able person best environment can’t be denied. Environment has a direct impact on those who live in there so, if a someone dreams of a prosperous and developed society then this is not possible without a clean and tidy environment. Islam is the only religion which considers clean liveness as a part of the faith. Whatever corruption we see on earth’s surface is because of pollution. And Allah has mentioned this clearly in the Quran. The man has created his own source of destruction. Islam is such a religion which on the one hand stresses the spiritual purity of man and the other hand emphasizes on environment. Environment plays important role in human development for survival. Good environment is essential for every living thing if the environment is good life will progress in balanced way‘s if otherwise then the life will be stagnant .In this above mentioned discussion, environmental pollution has been considered in the light of the teaching of Prophet Muhammad(SAW).

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