Methodology of Khawaja Khan Muhammad in Self-purification and Social Reform and its Impact on the Contemporary Monastic System

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Muhammad Shuaib Gangohee, Dr. Abdul Ghaffar, Dr. Shabbir Ahmad, Dr Sofia Mehboob, Dr. Muhammad Fakhar ud Din, Dr. Zeeshan


One of the most important purposes of prophethood is purification. The way on which the prophet (PBUH) trained and organized his followers, It`s impossible to such an example in the world. In this regard Hazrat Abū Bakr Siddique (R.A), Omar Farooq (R.A), Aliyy ibn ʾAbī Ṭālib (R.A), Bilāl ibn Rabāḥ (R.A), Salmān Fārisīy (R.A) and Abū Dharr Ghifārī  (R.A) have a special place and fame. Then through these great personalities this light of prophecy was delivered to the Subordinates of companions of prophet. This will continue till the day of judgement. Khawaja Khan Muhammad has passed away a very famous elder of silsila Alia Naqshbandīyah Mujaddidia, who lit the candle of this light of Prophethood from the Centre of Mianwali, Sirajia, on a global scale for half a century.  Khawaja Khan Muhammad (R.A) passed (led) his life in the service to the religion of Islam, in the remembrance of Allah, to sponsor the Madrassas Arabia and religious parties and in the protection of the end of prophecy. He always continued his efforts for the intellectual, political and spiritual training of the people. He performed the duty of reforming the society along with the traditional monastic system. His center is still irrigating and perfuming the world today.

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