Show the man, I show the rule: the Secret of the Salience

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Nyela Ashraf , Kanwal Shahzadi

Résumé al (1997) offered that managers consider those stakeholders salient having the attributes of power, legitimacy & urgency. Although his model won global acclamation yet subsequent researchers undermined it as being oversimplified considering salience only at the group level and ignoring any schema to identify the relevant salience of different stakeholders within a group. So, acknowledging that several delicacies and intricacies ought to be understood within a group, we synthesized the literature to understand the dynamics that help us differentiate various stakeholders and their salience within a group. Choosing suppliers as a group we proposed that suppliers’ salience depends on their resource salience which is, in turn, measurable through the VRIN framework. Subsequently, this paper has tried to give managers a specific recipe to recognize salient stakeholders not only at the group level but within the group as well

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