Psychological values and social foundations Between theories of sociology and the Holy Quran

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Yousef Methkal Abd Algani, Jamal Eshan


This article calls for contemplation on the role of the Noble Qur'an in interpreting the human soul from the perspective of theories related to sociology, especially the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud, which viewed man as lustful and seeks after its lusts and desires. Moreover, the blameworthy soul and the reassuring soul show the opposition of the Islamic religion to Sigmund Freud's theory. Thus, there is evidence from the Holy Qur'an on the interpretation of some verses as they came in psychological analysis. Attention should be paid to strengthening social education, strengthening the relationship between parents and children, preserving customs and traditions, and adhering to the teachings of the Islamic religion. Sociology is concerned with the study of individuals and their relationship with each other and the relationship between parents and children by applying a social theory that helps solve problems and strengthen relationships between members of society.

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