Analysis of the Impact of Microcredits and Other Types of Financing on Microenterprises in Bogota

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Dueñas-Peña Alex, Veloza-Lancheros Carlos Kennedy, Diaz Rodríguez María Jacqueline


The objective of this research is to know the impact that microcredits have on microenterprises in Bogota,especially in their finances according to three indicators: liquidity, indebtedness and activity. It is a study based and guided by the different approaches that explain the behavior and importance of the study of financial flows of organizations in general. It takes into account the financial analysis in the companies.Its knowledge is taken with the purpose of constructing an instrument that investigates and allows to infer on the influence of the credit in general, with special attention of the microcredit, of those productive units that do not handle a culture of company and therefore do not consider to take suitable financial statements with which a study to their finances can be made to them. The research is the result of the literature review, showing the state of the investigation around the object of study treated in the dissertation, the important facts that allow to give context and strengthening to the undertaken purpose. In the same way, the characterization of the credit is shown, with which the perspective and prospective that this mechanism of financial leverage has for the organizations in general, as well as all its implications on environment.The findings allow to see the results obtained by the SPSS, and the respective reliability analyses, results, hypotheses and the models produced by the study are found.

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